Obama – A Billion Times Worse Than a Drunken Sailor!

Obama treats the US taxpayer’s money as toilet paper.

Gee, I thought that all this was GWBush’s fault! How can any thinking voter believe Obama’s lies anymore. Even a moron can figure this one out!

Also – More of Obama’s political sins:

Tax Facts: Exposing Barack Obama’s Sinister Attack on the Wealthy and How it Will Actually Destroy the Middle Class – “Catch Kevin” April 16, 2012 – catchkevin.com/

“Senate Dems Fail to Prepare Formal Budget for 2013” – dailycaller.com/

“President Obama: We need to regulate the oil markets more!” – twitchy.com/

What Obama needs to do, is shut his big fat mouth and occupy another house. America is tired of all of his molestations:

“Sample of Hate Crimes by Obama Against America” – moralmatters.org/

Nathan M. Bickel



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