Crybaby for President, 2012

President “It wasn’t my fault” and his long line of excuses – “The RNC’s latest ad highlights Obama’s history of excuses. Take a look” –

I suppose all these [following] things aren’t Obama’s fault, either:?

“Sample of Hate Crimes by Obama Against America” –


What will a 2nd Term be with Obama? Most likely, worse than the first:

“Obama Racks Up List Of Broken Promises – Just 2 months into term, president abandons numerous commitments” –

“President Obama’s top 5 broken campaign promises:” –

“65 Outrageous Lies by President Obama” –

“7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes” –

Related informational article:

“Liars go to hell” –


Posted by:  Nathan M. Bickel –

3 thoughts on “Crybaby for President, 2012

  1. 32eagle says:

    No more secrecy-he makes that comittment to us-Well both him and his capitol hill conspirators are all traitors to this nation-Sunlight is where Obama and his crew need to be hung on a gallows for all this whole world to see what this USA does with backstabbing traitors-let all the news folks all take front page photos of Obama with his last necktie

    1. 32eagle:

      To be sure, BO is certainly a first rate traitor to America. I believe that he has no patriotic bones in his body.

      But, what are more troubling, are the many citizens who voted him into his unconstitutional White House occupying position. I think it illustrates how easily snake charmed and gullible, people are; – also, those who have clicked their heels to all of his disceptions.

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