4/11/12 – The Historical Jesus Christ

For those who have a difficult time conceiving of the historical, Jesus Christ – the same person prophesied in the Hebrew Scriptures and whose life is described in the “Christian” New Testament Scriptures:

I ask myself:  “Why are the 4 Gospel New Testament historical documents so often overlooked and even dismissed by non Christians? Is it because of stupidity, intellectual dishonesty, bigotry / hate-mongering against Jews, and / or, rank unbelief (spiritual blindness)?”

Please note the last sentence of this (following) piece, as it refers to the four (“Christian”) Gospels:

“Ancient Evidence for Jesus from Non-Christian Sources:” – probe.org/

……Let’s summarize what we’ve learned about Jesus from this examination of ancient non-Christian sources. First, both Josephus and Lucian indicate that Jesus was regarded as wise. Second, Pliny, the Talmud, and Lucian imply He was a powerful and revered teacher. Third, both Josephus and the Talmud indicate He performed miraculous feats. Fourth, Tacitus, Josephus, the Talmud, and Lucian all mention that He was crucified. Tacitus and Josephus say this occurred under Pontius Pilate. And the Talmud declares it happened on the eve of Passover. Fifth, there are possible references to the Christian belief in Jesus’ resurrection in both Tacitus and Josephus. Sixth, Josephus records that Jesus’ followers believed He was the Christ, or Messiah. And finally, both Pliny and Lucian indicate that Christians worshipped Jesus as God!

I hope you see how this small selection of ancient non-Christian sources helps corroborate our knowledge of Jesus from the gospels. Of course, there are many ancient Christian sources of information about Jesus as well. But since the historical reliability of the canonical gospels is so well established, I invite you to read those for an authoritative “life of Jesus!”

Above quotation source  –  “Ancient Evidence for Jesus from Non-Christian Sources:” – probe.org/ 


“School employee unions file suit over law prohibiting dues collection through payroll deduction:” – mlive.com

Crybabies are at work attempting to undo the collective voting will of the people. But, maybe the good thing about all of this, is, that the rank-in-file public will truly witness and understand the nasty nature of bully unions.

Dick Lugar faces conservative attacks in Indiana primary – news.yahoo.com/

Voters are tired of career politicians. They grow weary of seeing Dick Lugar’s old hound dog looking [type] face. It’s a shame that politicians like him don’t know when to step aside and allow new blood to tackle the county’s problems that politicians like Lugar helped to promulgate, fester and stagnate.

“Arpaio applauds ‘birther’ congressmen, calls for legislative action” – dailycaller.com/

It’s gratifying to witness 2 Congressman who have some spines. A leader has to have a following. The reason why Obama has been able to carry on his deceitful charade is that political leaders have allowed him to do so. They need to quit kissing up to this fraud. Shame on them all!

Zimmerman family challenges Holder on New Black Panthers, says no arrests ‘based solely on your race’ – dailycaller.com/

Perhaps, Holder is a secret card carrying Panther member. I would not doubt that, especially when this gutless wonder will not prosecute them for voter intimidation, and now will not do anything to discourage their criminal like behavior.

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