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rpeh:  Re: Your April 9, 2012 at 6:15 am comment:

You say: “…..Christian fables?” That, Jesus, “…..never existed?” Are you out of your mind?

I almost didn’t respond to your comment, as I’m embarrassed for you. Even some atheists and agnostics recognize the historical Jesus of the Christian New Testament Scripture documents.

rpeh – As Terry intimated, you had better read some secular historians. Please return to this comment facility and recant your first comment posting, otherwise, most web readers who frequent this site and who read your future comments, will be forced to discount and dismiss those comments as having any plausible credibility.

nicosb:  Re: Your April 9, 2012 at 1:31 pm,

I can only deduce from your comment that you are of the same [sad] mindset as this facility’s “repeh.” Please read my response to his comment where he denies the historical presence of Christ. I think that my comment to “repeh” is, (also) appropriate for you.

“nicosb:”  I only wish and pray that you and “repeh” would access the following topical message that was posted for Easter, last year. Whether you become believers or not, you might like to know some of the major reasons for your unbelief. You, at least owe it to your priceless souls to analyze why you dismiss such a huge historical event and such an important historical personality who made such claims as concerning your various precious souls:

“Rejecting the Resurrection Reality” – thechristianmessage.org


Jessie Jackson:  Jesus was killed because he was a class-warfare ‘Occupier’

Jessie Jackson is an embarrassment to the Christian Religion. Why doesn’t he just finally be honest and join forces with radical Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s former “Christian” pastor of 20 years?

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