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Easter Sunday – April 8, 2012 –

He is Risen!- thechristianmessag.org

…..My father taught me this declaration every Easter morning, as he would go room to room waking up his sons. He would declare: “He [Christ] is risen!” And then he would expect the following reply: “He is risen, indeed!” Such was the declaration and response of the early Christians every year commemorating the death and resurrection of the Christ of history.  “He is risen!” “He is risen, indeed!”


April 6th – 7th, 2012: 

Homeland Security Monitors Gay-Critical Websites

It’s too bad that the Homeland Security doesn’t expand its definition of “hate crimes” to include more than speech against this or that person and / or, group.

If that definition of “hate crimes” were expanded to include actions, Obama (logically) would be the one to receive top priority monitoring:

“What did Senator Kennedy have in common with President Obama and the late Abortionist, George Tiller:?”


“The Passover-Easter Sellout:”

Sadly, the Obama’s [Judas type] “treatment” of Israel and his complacence over Muslim terrorism against Christians, is no surprise. I’m convinced that Obama is a Muslim (at heart) and excercsing Islam’s religiously condoned, practice of deceit [Al-Takeyya]:

Muslims Can Lie for Allah

Also, Obama’s continual actions, give him away. As usual, Obama talks a big line [lie], but his political actions demonstrate that his words are useless and hypocritical. Obama is no more Christian, than the man in the moon. He continues to lie, telling Americans that he is Christian so that he can gain their votes.

Christ taught His followers that they were to judge a good tree by its “fruit.” A person’s actions and life are to mirror Christ. Does anyone in his right mind think that Obama’s actions, both personal and political, mirror Christ and the Gospel which He taught? How can a “president,” who makes executive domestic and national policy decisions so contrary to the teachings of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, including Christ’s Gospel teachings, even honestly claim to be one of [genuine] Christ’s disciples?

Oh, yes – if there is still anyone who really believes that Obama is a genuine (practicing) Christian, you better think twice. His own words reveal his bogus (phony) Christian status:

“Obama Admits He Is A Muslim:”

“7 Reasons Obama is NOT a Christian:”

“Obama Is No Joshua” — by Cal Thomas — …..Obama can call himself anything he likes, but there is a clear requirement for one to qualify as a Christian and Obama doesn’t meet that requirement. One cannot deny central tenets of the Christian faith, including the deity and uniqueness of Christ as the sole mediator between God and Man and be a Christian. Such people do have a label applied to them in Scripture. They are called “false prophets.”

Obama on Obamacare vs. Obama on Partial Birth Abortion Ban

Nice commentary, Ms. Stanek! Without a doubt, Obama is all over the political and moral spectrum. His sick (and old) propaganda modus operandi is to ridicule, debunk, demonize and blame his opposition. He’s a bully who knows, no shame.

Having stated the aforementioned realities, wise politicians who have half of moral sense, and also, prolife leaders, who would be astute, need to zero in on Obama’s highly flawed moral character. Simply saying, as the one GOP candidate, that Obama is “in, over his head,” is giving Obama, a pass. Obama needs to be exposed for the ruthless character that he is. And, I sadly and seriously say that in light of the Christian New Testament’s directive to “expose the deeds of darkness” [Ephesians 5:11]:

“What did Senator Kennedy have in common with President Obama and the late Abortionist, George Tiller:?”

“The President of the United States: A Sex Offender? – Why Obama’s support of the abortion industry is the worst molestation of youth:”

The Infanticide / Abortion Genocide US “President” Obama


“Christians nailed to crosses in gruesome Good Friday re-enactment of Jesus’s death:”

When I saw this news piece I thought of the words of that great hymn, “Rock of Ages,” – specifically, the third verse. It’s a shame that these souls are missing the whole point of Christ’s sacrifice for them:

Not the labors of my hands can fulfill Thy Law’s demands; could my zeal no respite know, could my tears forever flow; all for sin could not atone; Thou must save, and Thou alone.

Rush: Mitt Romney pandering on the Augusta issue is not how you expose Obama

Are we beginning to see what Conservatives all along have feared about Romney? Will he be just another milquetoast McCain?

I’ve stated it before and I’ll state it again, Romney needs to go for Obama’s Achilles heel. Romney needs to expose Obama’s forgery deceptions and Obama not meeting the “natural born citizen” requirement to be legitimate US president.

In short, Romney needs to divorce himself from the political correctness Republican establishment and the media propaganda charade.

April 6, 2012:

“Obama: Jesus Is ‘A Son of God:’”

Obama is no more of a Christian, than the man in the moon. To deny Christ’s unique Sonship is heretical. As the King James Version correctly translates: “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son……..”

The Nicene Creed bears out the unique Godhead of Christ:  “…..very God of very God; begotten, not made…….”

Obama in the past professed his “Muslim faith” when speaking to an ABC reporter.

Cal Thomas also pointed out in his excellent commentary, “Obama is no Joshua,” that Obama’s own words have him denying basic tenants of the Christian Faith.

Furthermore, Christians are suckers to believe that Obama is Christian. His whole existence, agendas, actions and policies do not reflect Christ. The “fruit” of his professed Christian faith is rotten to the core. In short, Obama, at best, is a CINO – Christian in name only.

Finally, I believe that Christians who vote for Obama are snake charmed to do so. If they would be serious about the Christian Faith they would avoid him like the plague and expose him for all of his corruptions.

“Issa, Grassley hammer White House for stonewalling on ‘Fast and Furious’ witness:”

I have no sympathy for Issa and company. The most obvious corruption of the Obama White House occupier is his forgery corruptions. Yet, Issa’s committee ignores all that! All they would have to do is accept the investigative findings of the Arizona Sheriff and put the spotlight on Obama’s background and lack of presidential qualifications. That’s what the Democrats would do if there were another (type) Nixon in the White House. But, the Republicans won’t go after Obama’s Achilles heel. I can only conclude that they are all chicken crappers.

“Walgreens caves to Media Matters-orchestrated Rush ‘boycott:’”

It’s nice to know where Walgreen’s stands. I’ll take my business elsewhere.

Businesses who go into the business of boycotting others, do so without thinking of the unintended consequences of their protest.

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