Nov 222014
Another Lie From Undocumented Devilish Aka Obama: His Amnesty Edict Excuse


“Please note the related informational links following the large pic:

It is no surprise for honest, intelligent, and informed Americans, that the White House criminal ID (forgery) fraud, aka Obama, would trample Constitutional Law and…………….

Nov 222014
Resisting Lawless Government: New Moralmatters Topic Page


A new Moralmatters Topic Page has been produced. It’s called:………

………It is this author’s desire that the Moralmatters website be easily navigated, bereft of irritating (difficult to read) Cap Script and black background. He wishes for the reader informative, educational — and, in some instances, humorous different material………..

Nov 212014
Live At The White House Tonight: Manny Vega With Forensic Evidence Of Obama's Criminal ID Forgery


This Moralmatters author is aware of several people who have worked tirelessly to expose aka Obama’s criminal ID (forgery) fraud………….

………Manny Vega will be live from in front of the White House with Sheriffs kits:

Date 11-21-14

Time: 8-10 Eastern

Call in #347 989 8853

Listen live: ……………

Nov 202014
Cry Me A River Republicans: Rank Hypocrisy Over Obama’s Illegal Unilateral Alien Amnesty


………The outcry by Republican politicians and others over aka Obama (illegally) granting millions of illegal immigrant aliens, amnesty (by unilateral executive order) is both a shame and sham………..

………Republican politicians and others who would squeal over aka Obama’s illegal “prosecutorial discretion” to grant illegal immigrant aliens a legal-type American status, (by refusing to enforce existing immigration law) need to hang their heads in shame. They have nothing to squeal about since they have allowed and enabled (by their political sins of silence) a criminal felon to occupy the Presidential branch of U.S. government………..

Nov 192014
Diabolical Obama: Jonathan Gruber Was Included In His Obamacare Machinations


“The following 30 second video is more evidence that our wicked White House criminal ID fraud is not stupid. No. He’s methodical. He and his commie comrade cabal did their anti-American homework. They planned for the day…………”

Nov 182014
Boston Marathon Bombing Brown Cow: Peekay22 Exposes Crisis Actor Mildred Valverde


“Peekay 22” vividly describes one of the coverage videos taken of the Boston Marathon “bombing” mass media event (hoax). See the revealing 11 minute video following the partial script of it:

Peekay22 specifically zeros in on a crisis actor, “Mildred Valverde,” of whom he nicknames, “Brow Cow” – aka a [fake] “bombing victim:”…………

Nov 172014
No Disaster For Republican Party Should Obama Sign Executive Amnesty Order: Bad For Democrat Party


………….If the new Republican Congress chooses option # 1 the Republican Party could lose scores of multiple voters next 2016 presidential election. They will either sit out the election, vote for some 3rd party candidate — and / or they will simply disparagingly say:

“What difference does it make?”

However, (on the other hand) the granting of amnesty by an out-of-control criminal aka Obama may have unintended (consequence) ramifications for the Democrat Party……………

Nov 162014
Gruber's Gloating: Will Spilling The Beans Be Catastrophic For Obamacare?


“The following was found on Twitter. Please enjoy. But also reference the non-comical related informational links after the short youtube video:…………….”

Nov 152014
Obamacare Scam: Moralmatters Spotlights Obama Healthcare Swindle Servant Jonathan Gruber


…………..It is this Moralmatters author’s view, that Obamacare — (aka “added insurance taxes”) forced upon working Americans, super-sized Obamacare premiums. Those high expenditure pecuniary whippings upon Middle Class Americans, had to first be in place to make room for all of Obama’s new illegal “immigrant” alien children — all being “hosted” on the American “taxpayers’ dime.”

Wicked criminal ID fraud aka Obama and his close-knit handlers aren’t willy-nilly as to their malevolent machinations for this United States. They are the modern-day Machavillian progenitors of those who have always hated America, its non-Communistic, free-enterprise — and especially traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. Shall we also include, “‘Christian’ America,” added to the socialist hate mongering list?………….

Nov 142014
George W. Bush Disrespects The Office of U.S. President: He's Another Obama Enabler Co-Conspirator


“George W. Bush knows the reality of aka Obama’s White House illegitimacy. Surely he is not ignorant of the legal Sheriff Arpaio Investigation’s forensic findings relating to aka Obama’s criminal ID fraud. What a travesty that this historical and legitimate U.S. President would disrespect the Office of U.S. President…………..

…………..Shame on U.S. President Bush for disrespecting the Office of U.S. President!………….”

Nov 132014
Social Justice: The Evil Extortion Tool Of Socialists


Please note the related informational links following the short youtube video: …………

…………….In Christ’s teaching parable, the servant who put to interest his given talents, and, who reaped an increase, was rewarded the one talent that the unfaithful servant squandered, by burying. And, in the end, the unfaithful servant was punished. What Obama, though, desires of US government, is opposite of what Christ taught. Obama wants big government, to reward slothfulness and unproductively by extorting (stealing) from rank-in-file productive American citizens,……………..

Nov 122014
Mychal Massie Spot On: Republicans Handed Historic And Strategic Opportunity


This Moralmatters author is always gratified when others are of the [his] same-type mindset. Immediately following the recent 2014 Midterm thumping of the Republican Party over the Democrats, he posted the following commentary:………

………Please read the following Mychal Massie [The Daily Rant] commentary. He too, along with many honest and intelligent Americans know that the Republican Party is beset with cowardly leaders bent on “betrayal,” always prone to pontificate and placate, rather than lead:………….

Nov 112014
 Reported Oldest American Veteran Offers His Key For Longevity


“Having read the following web article, this Moralmatters author was reminded of Christ’s documented words in the historical Gospel of Matthew:…………..

Nov 102014
No Love For Obama As He Engenders Hatred: His Sorry End Is Nearer


“………This Moralmatters author continues to be convinced that aka Obama and his cabal comrades will increasingly be exposed for the evil they have become and the political wickedness they have profusely proliferated. That’s one of the major reasons Americans do not find it difficult to hate traitor and criminal ID fraud, aka Obama, as that emotion is unleashed so naturally. Americans instinctively know with all the supporting evidence to bear, criminal aka Obama intentionally has done his monstrous malevolent best to destroy traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America……….”

Nov 082014
2014 Election Results Sweet For GOP: More Non Whites Not Voting Democrat


……..The following [Twitter Tweet] report is sweet news for the Republican Party. Compared with the 2012 election there has been a significant departure of “non-whites” voting for the Democrats. So says one Twitter personality – [his Twitter Tweet copied below].

Are blacks and other [traditionally called, “minorities”] aroused to the reality that the Democrat Party has been hypocritical with little “do” [action] and all [cheap] “say” for all American non-whites? Could these non-white voters (who reportedly departed from voting Democrat this 2014 election) be……….

Nov 072014
Christian Baker Daniel McArthur In The Legal Cross Hairs Of Hate Mongering Gay Activists


“…………..Homosexual [LGBT] activists have again shown the public why they are some of the worst nasty people. Creator God / Almighty will eventually judge everyone for their sinful behaviors because all of humanity has transgressed His perfect Commandments. But this Moralmatters author is convinced [based upon the divine revelation] that the Lord of all will reserve special judgments…………….”

Nov 062014
Culture Of Death: Pathetically Celebrates Brittany Maynard As A Hero


…………It’s not that difficult to identify those who adopt the culture of death. To a certain extent they are narcissistic and ultra selfish. Those self-destructing traits invariably mirror a macabre mentality which is material, anti-spiritual [God] and hence, anti-human………….

………….The mainstream media, of course attempts to make heroes out of these “do it yourself” people. They are not heroes. Here following, is a story of a real hero; someone this Moralmatters emeritus Christian pastor was blessed to meet – getting to know him and help him pass through his suffering and dying hospice experience…………

Nov 052014
Will Republicans Flee Their Fascist Behavior Following Tuesday's Midterm Senate Victory?


………….”All Fascists are not of one mind. There are those who give the orders and those who take the orders.”

– “Watch on the Rhine” (1943) –……………….

Nov 042014
2014 Election Black Vote: Will Democrats Again Control?


“Please note the following large pic and especially its [bottom] italicized caption:

The 2014 Election Day is now upon America. Will the tabulated black vote results, end the same, as……….”

Nov 032014
Voter And Voting Process Fraud Hastens America’s Destruction: Some Solutions


Remember in school, students asking the teacher how to spell a certain word? And the teacher’s answer was: “Look it up in a dictionary!”

How does a turtle struggling upon its shell turn itself right-side up?

How can honest Americans elect half-ways decent politicians and judges when the voting process is corrupted?…………..

Nov 022014
The United States Will Lapse It's Way Into History's Memory Pages


“America will lapse its way into memory’s historical pages. It will become another nation that will have “bitten the dust.” Why? Because:……….”

Nov 012014
Controlled Demolition: Cause of Three 9/11 High Rise Steel Structures Collapsing


“Please watch and listen to the 2 minute youtube trailer and note that there was a 3rd building that collapsed in the immediate vicinity without having been struck by an airplane.

“WTC Building 7″ collapsed as the other 2 World Trade Center higher rise steel structures, by the same controlled demolition. And, with no striking airplane!……….”

Oct 312014
Wild Web Pic: Change We Can Believe In


“Please note the related informational links following the glaring large pic…………”

Oct 312014
Louisiana Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu: Not Only A Political Whore But A Racist


“……….Mary Landrieu is obviously a bigot and racist as evidenced by her recent inflammatory remark, suggesting that southern people are racist toward our White House usurper / occupier!

As an American of White Caucasian and American Indian extract, this Moralmatters author is offended that Landrieu referred to our White House criminal ID fraud, aka Obama, as an African American. When in reality……….”

Oct 302014
Americans Believed The Cold War Era Moon Landing Hoax: Still Do


……..Please read no further if you are a person given to believe only what you physically see and audibly hear.

“The simple believes every word, but the prudent considers well his steps.” – Proverbs 14:15

If you are a person who is addicted to the mainstream media news, the title of this Moralmatters commentary article most likely has turned you off. The only reason why you may be reading this far, is ……….

Oct 292014
Obama's Hatred For Christ's Cross


“Please note the disturbing news piece [below] in which members of our U.S. Military have again been stiffed by the White House usurper / occupier, criminal ID fraud, aka Obama: ………….”

Oct 282014
One Example of Early 2014 Voting Fraud


“……….Does it surprise every law-abiding and intelligent patriotic citizen? This Moralmatters author has always said that the paper hand-marked ballot is far superior. How many more computerized ballot machines are defective like the one highlighted below?……….”

Oct 272014
Performance Of Santa Barbara Richard Martinez Worse Than Sandy Hook Hoax Government Crisis Actors


Anonymous “Barry Soetoro, ESQ” who comments on the website made the following claim about the Santa Barbara crisis actor, Richard Martinez:

WORST Crisis Actor. Ever. This actor plays “Father of Victim” in Santa Barbara hoax shooting…………

Oct 252014
Rule Of Thumb: Question The News Of The Day And Be Skeptical


………..Note the large pic below and how narcissist and lifestyle liar, criminal ID fraud, aka Obama plays news media big shot publicity hound:

Obama Goes Macho on Ebola: Cancels Fundraiser, Hugs & Kisses Nurses! –

If you aren’t skeptical about aka Obama’s photo op performances and the recent mainstream media’s coverage of him, vis-a-vis the “ebola cured nurse,” then, this Moralmatters author questions you, the viewer and reader. He questions your………..

Oct 242014
Remembering Racist And Criminal Eric Holder: Anti-American And Anti-Constitutional


“America’s aka Obama Attorney General remains arrogant and unrepentant. Commie Holder plays the political correctness, anti-American and anti-constitutional martyr role to the end of his White House criminal ID fraud’s appointment cabal role: …………”

Oct 232014
Moralmatters Adds A New Topic Page: Overpopulation Myth

Please note the new subject page added to this Moralmatters website:

Overpopulation Myth –

As always, the various topics (which include many related informational links) appear on the right side of every Moralmatters page. Scroll down and locate:

“MoralMatters topics: Containing multiple informational links.”

Oct 222014
The Myth Of Human Global Overpopulation Depicted In 3 Pictures


“………….Sadly and pathetically, earth’s humans have never followed Creator God’s First Direct Command of Genesis 1:28. Fallen mankind’s inherent sinful nature is always prone to circumvent what Creator / Savior God, ordained. Hence, (among many other wicked travesties) are the cursed proliferation of conspiratorial human global overpopulation fanatics.

Please note the following 3 revealing pictures and subsequent script, which debunk the myth of human global overpopulation. Also note the related informational links below the 4th pic: ………”

Oct 212014
Obama Neo-Nazi Eugenics Ebola Czar: Elitist Ron Klain


“………Please take a 1 minute (moment) [below] to listen to aka Obama’s new Ebola Czar. Note his elitist flawed and arrogant mentality as he mouths 2 major myths – human overpopulation and man-made global warming…………”

Oct 182014
First Amendment Rights Only Apply At Home: Okay For Public Molestation By Homosexual Activists


…………..Homosexual activists who attempt to force Christians to accept and conform to their anti-Scriptural lifestyle, are essentially, hate mongers. Hate is not only conveyed in speech but in actions which attempt to force upon individuals that which is considered disagreeable and against one’s conscience. Homosexual activists which utilize the legal system against fellow Americans to accept their lifestyle, showcase themselves to be rabid immoral hate mongers………….

Oct 172014
Business Owner Not Motivated By Political Correctness: Bans Muslims For Patron Safety

“Congratulations to this one business owner for taking a stand and for providing for her American patrons! Her reasoning is common sense solid. We live in a tumultuous world where it is clearly evident that terror is most often perpetrated by one sole culture — that being those who subscribe to Islam and sharia law. As such, their way of life is contrary to traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. Hence, they really don’t belong in America, unless they undergo some pointed positive transformation………..”

Oct 152014
Hillary Clinton Epitome Of Dishonesty: Moralmatters New Subject Page

“Moralmatters has just created a new subject page, designated as:

Hillary Clinton: Epitome Of Dishonesty……….”

Oct 142014
Hillary Clinton's Odious Lifelong Character Trait: Lying


“Please note the related informational links following the large pic and its script:…………..”

Oct 132014
Oxnard California Police Department Lacks Good Moral Character: Officers Prefer Law Of The Jungle


“Isn’t local law enforcement to be like “blind justice?” Isn’t proper policing designed to enforce the law and ignore personal vendettas? Aren’t police officers to be a “cut above” the current status quo? Apparently, not in Oxnard, California……………”

Oct 112014
Hillary Clinton Explains Her Accomplishments


“HUH? Please Explain???

I think I missed something???

Meddle not in the affairs of dragons,

for thou art crunchy and go well with ketchup.

HUH?? ………….”

Oct 102014
Obama’s Whoredom With Deception: 4 Glaring Fraudulent Birth Certificate Specifics


“………..Please access the following excellent short article [link below]. There you will find 4 glaring fraudulent birth certificate specifics regarding aka Obama’s birth certificate. Those 4 glaring specifics would motivate any honest and intelligent judge to call for aka Obama’s immediate arrest by law enforcement.

The 4 glaring specific deceptions in aka Obama’s birth certificate – summarized:…………”

Oct 092014
America's Problems And Challenges Cannot Be Solved By Political Means

“………While many people are oblivious to an end time, Satan knows his time is coming to an end. But even though the tempo of events increases, so many think that life and time has always been this way and everything will just continue this way forever:……….. — drkate

Oct 082014
Americans Are Conspiracy Theorists Of Apathy, Silence and Gullibility


“………….Honest investigation and seeking the truth mean little to those who accuse and label others as conspiracy theorists. It makes no difference if the Van Allen Radiation Belts prevented last Century’s reported Apollo moon mission from an actual moon landing. That is irrelevant to those who do not question big government and its compliant mainstream media. After all, the “moon landing” was seen by all who desired to view, on Network TV. Damn those conspiracy theorists who suggest that the multi-billion dollar NASA reported moon landing program was a carefully constructed Hollywood-type production…………”

Oct 072014
Moralmatters Successful In Conveying The Message About Criminal ID Fraud Aka Obama


“The following message threat appeared as a submitted comment to the Moralmatters “About” page. Apparently someone is upset with Moralmatters and the message it conveys. When truth hits raw nerves, people have 2 choices. Take inventory or blame and attack others………”

Oct 052014
Obama Threw Too Many Under His Bus: It's Coming Back To Bite Him


“…………There is now an open revolt amongst his military top brass and, amongst the intelligence community. The intelligence community is leaking like crazy to the press. …………..”

Oct 032014
Why Moralmatters Author Nathan Bickel Always Wore His Youngster Underwear


“It was a balmy summer day in Northeastern Michigan. Even more wonderful was the promise that I would ride down the Tawas River…………

……….At last, it was my turn for my raft ride. However, that adventure was never destined to be. My first rafting experience was abruptly interrupted when my father sternly shouted at 3 of his boys. His foreboding and towering presence was atop the riverbank with leather belt in hand………….

Oct 022014
Foolish Blacks Vote For Democrats Who Are Worthless To Them: Mary Landrieu Is A Prime Example


Please note the related informational links following the 1 paragraph mini commentary and the 2 minute youtube video:

One of the most foolish voting blocks in America, is the American black voting block. Don’t you find it quite the anomaly that blacks overwhelmingly vote for the abortion, partial birth abortion and Infanticide Democrat political party?………………..

Oct 012014
Did God Make A Liberal Or Did He Allow Liberals To Punish Decadent America?

The mark of a “liberal:”

They never ponder the following question:

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

Sep 302014
America's Foremost Enemy: The Snake Who Slithers Among Us


………Is Russia America’s foremost enemy? Iran? Are Islamic terrorists? How about ISIS / ISIL?

America’s foremost enemy slithers among us……….

Sep 272014
Sandy Hook Conspirator Theorists Vindicated: Apologies Welcome


………..Moralmatters Reader:

“Not one body bag was ever seen at the Sandy Hook school…not one. Why was the Sandy Hook school torn down and turned into dust??? No press photographers were ever allowed into the school to take photos of the ‘crime scene’ …. Why? There was no crime scene.” ……….

Sep 262014
Eric Holder Announced His Exit After FBI Told The Truth About Sandy Hook Hoax


“……….Moralmatters finds it very “interesting” that Eric Holder announced his Attorney General exit, following the very recent FBI 2012 report disclosure that there were no school deaths at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School. Hence, this big government entity has broken ranks with the massive federal government propaganda machine and its kowtowing corrupted mainstream media………..”

Sep 252014
Eric Holder Stepping Down Comes On The Heels Of Court Ruling Smack Down

“………. This latest court ruling shows again that Judicial Watch’s independent investigations and lawsuits are more effective than Congress and the rest of media………

Sep 242014
American Taxpayers Forced To Fund ISIS: Hideous Prescription By The Ruling Classes

“…………Here is the agenda: ISIS/ISIL will be working WITH the moderate Syrian rebels to topple the Assad regime. The United States is funding much of the effort. The Ruling Classes failed to gain citizen buy-in to “War on Syria” last year, so they are using a new plan this year.

The Ruling Classes raised up ISIS. This group was recruited, funded and trained by the CIA, but this group is actually al-Qaeda re-branded with a new name…………”

Sep 242014
Recent White House Intruder Likely Another Government Crisis Actor

When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Ho hum. It’s getting old. Another contrived “distraction event:”

Please note the short 3 minute youtube video:

Sep 232014
ISIS / ISIL: Moralmatters Commentaries About ISIS And Other Related Articles

“Please note the addition of another Moralmatters “Issue Page.” These topical pages can easily be located on the home page (and any other Moralmatters page). They are listed on the right side of the page. Scroll down and………..”

Sep 212014
Monsanto GMO Micro Management Contrary To Nature: Degenerative Health Effects The Consequence

“………When Creator God issued the command ‘to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth,’ He never intended that his human creation destructively tinker with His seed creation to alter its genetic makeup………”

Sep 202014
Protecting Lake Huron From Nuclear Waste: Sebewaing MI Public Town Hall Meeting Monday September 22

“………A Canadian company recently made the shocking, unilateral, and dangerous decision to bury over 7 million cubic feet of nuclear waste less than a mile from the shores of Lake Huron, and directly across the lake from residents of St. Clair, Sanilac and Huron Counties……….”

Sep 192014
Treasonous U.S. Congress Approves Obama's Arab Spring War Against Sovereign Syria

“……….The treasonous White House ID fraud wasn’t content with meddling in the sovereign governments of Libya and Egypt. He then funneled military aid (with the help of the Benghazi Consulate) to arm Islamic Syrian rebels. Presently, he convinced a majority of U.S. Senators and House Congress members from both political parties to continue military assistance to those opposed to the Assad [Syrian] government – and, sworn enemies to the United States………..”

Sep 172014
Sarah Palin Without Makeup Versus Hillary Clinton With Makeup

Please note 3 distinct pics and ponder the following question:

“If you were the only man on a freezing earth — and there were only two women, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, which of the two would you desire to snuggle with?”

Sep 162014
Government Conspirators Attempt To Hide Sandy Hook Reality: Nancy Lanza Alive


Big government colluding with mainstream media have demonized those who uncover government contrived violence events, as “conspiracy theorists.” On the contrary, it is big government and its complicit propaganda media who are the real conspirators. They criminally conspire to…………..

Sep 152014
  Sean Hannity Plays Into Obama's Hand: Hosts Alleged Brother Of Aka Obama

The FOX Network [so-called] “conservative” talk show host who ignores aka Obama’s criminal ID fraud has played into aka Obama’s propaganda hand by hosting the White House ID [criminal] fraud’s alleged brother, who essentially accented Bari’s Dream’s book propaganda narrative………………..

Sep 132014
Boston Marathon Bombing Cowboy Man Exposed: Crisis Actor Carlos Arredondo

A Moralmatters Reader comments about Boston Bombing “Cowboy Man.” Please note the informative video following the short comment which helps to expose the government / media hoax event:

“I was really shocked to learn about how long Carlos Arredondo (‘Arredondo Strong’) has been a criminal and how the Ruling Classes decided to use him for their own purposes.

Another shock was to see how he much was fooling around before it was time for his big photo-op at the Boston Firecracker Expo………”

Sep 122014
XXX Rated Sandwich

“Please note the informational links following the large pic:

The Following Pic Was Found On The Web:

For those who have never seen a ………..”

Sep 112014
Hell To Pay For Obama Critics: Joan Rivers Allegedly Murdered

………..Please take a listen to the short 4 minute youtube video which exposes Joan River’s “untimely death.” Then ask yourself (in light of the 1946 classic Movie, “The Stranger”) — “Why wouldn’t someone go to great lengths to hide one’s true identity?” ………..

Sep 102014
John McCain Spent Too Much Time At The Hanoi Hilton: His Affinity With ISIS

“Please note the 2 pics that best describe John McCain gone worthless and wild:

America has many worthless and destructive politicians. John McCain is one of them. He should have retired from politics long ago. America would have been better off, if he had not (even) pursued that career course…………..”

Sep 092014
Devil's Disciple Obama Scheduled For Wednesday Evening Speech Lies

“…………Does the devil cease from lying? Do his disciples ever take a break from the same? This Wednesday evening — September 10th, the White House criminal ID fraud will again lie to America, and (as usual) the mainstream news media will haply parrot the propaganda he will deceptively convey…………..

Sep 082014
More Treason: Obama And Eric Holder Enable ISIS American Volunteers

“It is the same aka Obama / Attorney General Eric Holder led cabal government which allows multiple Islamic terrorist training camps within the United States, which is presently hampering efforts to investigate Islamic extremist ISIS volunteers, in America…………….

……….This is no valid reason to cater to and coddle these foreign enemies — and, American citizens fighting for the ISIS Islamic extremists! They also, along with aka Obama and Holder need to be charged with treason and be brought to justice!”.. …………..

Sep 062014
ISIS Didn't Suddenly Appear: It Was Put Into Power

The Islamic terrorist organization called ISIS, didn’t just suddenly appear. It was spawned from a badly damaged Middle East. Furthermore, American influences and operatives did their share to bring about its ugly and destructive crimes against humanity, existence.

Please note the 21 minute informational video………………

Sep 052014
The Stark And Dismal Reality Of Obama's Unemployment Economy

You won’t acquire the truth about the employment / unemployment aspect of the American economy by watching and hearing TV Network and Radio mainstream media news propaganda:……….”

Sep 042014
Biden Will Also Reside In Hell

“……..Biden should not be so glib as to make reference to those who will reside in hell, when he is headed to the same place, barring genuine repentance………”

Sep 032014
Obama Divulges The Reason For Theatrical Islamic Terrorist Beheading Events


“……..When aka Obama says that the theatrical Islamic beheading events ‘won’t intimidate’ Americans, he desires that the video propaganda, does indeed place fear into Americans.

A major intent of Islamic terrorism is to inflict ‘terror’ upon its political and ideologue opponents. Muslim terrorists accomplish that task by………..

Sep 022014
The Alleged James Foley Beheading: A Woman Played The Part


“……The corporate media are a conglomerate. Nearly all tied to corporations. The corporate media which profit from war, fear, and helplessness. Detach yourself from them, emotionally, financially and spiritually…….”

Sep 012014
Americans Duped By Government / Media Hoaxes: Crisis Actors And Their Smiling Faces

………If a majority of Americans would take to heart the aforementioned question, they would smartly evolve into competent thinking individuals. They would question what they hear; examine what they see; and evaluate what others would have them believe. The framing and founding fathers of this United States never intended its future inhabitants to be mindless — controlled by a very small percentage of wicked control freaks.

Please note the short 4 minute youtube video exposing hoax crisis actors………….

Aug 312014
Treasonous Obama Provides Material Assistance To America's Islamic Terrorist Enemies

“……….Napolitano goes a step further by pointing out that Obama has provided material assistance (human assets) to the Taliban, which has been identified by Congress to be a non-state terrorist organization. This is a crime punishable by imprisonment of 10 years to life, which covers all Americans–including the President.”

Aug 302014
Terrorist Obama: The Reason Why He Has No Strategy To Defeat ISIS


……….We can add more “pieces” to connect some obvious dots. The Benghazi massacre [8] underscored one of aka Obama’s premier strategies how he enabled Islamic terrorists – funneling money and arms throughout the Middle East to his Muslim counterparts. Is there no wonder, why his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was not forthcoming, and why the deaths of 4 Americans [supposedly] made no difference?

Everything that the White House criminal ID [forgery] fraud has done vis-à-vis his foreign policy (political sins of omission and commission) has had the essential outcome of weakening the United States and the free world, while at the same time, strengthening Islamic terrorism. Aka Obama talks a staged [feigned] patriotic political talk but walks the Islamic terrorist walk………..

Aug 282014
O'Reilly On Causes Of Black Crime: Illustrates The Old Adage Of The Blind Hen

My father would often say: “Give credit to whom credit is due.” He would also say of someone who finally “got it right” that “Even a blind hen finds a kernel of corn, now and then.”…………

Aug 272014
Louisiana Governor Jindal Opposes Big Bully Government Bribery

“………Big government is replete with a long dirty laundry list of “pie in the sky” programs intended to fix human problems and to insure fairness and equality. But in the process, those same big government endeavors end with messing up the people, its Utopian programs intend to benefit, while at the same time, penalizing hard-working taxpaying citizens who are forced to pay for all the national program foolishness and nonsense, so that politicians can [wrongfully] claim they have successfully done their jobs voting for worthless and expensive legislation………”

Aug 262014
Three Prominent Things Americans Should Know About Islam

“This is a must view and re-view. Research the truth for yourself. And for you that think that the muslim is religious, it is a belief not understandable to those that have religion. A used car salesman has more ethics than does a true practicing muslim:”………….

Aug 242014
Crisis Acting Siblings Of Reported Victim James Foley Interviewed By Katie Couric

“Notice how they both laugh and smile inappropriately (and how often).

Notice how Katie coaches them as to what to say (and she even catches the ‘off guard’ with an oddball question). Notice also how the ‘siblings’ seem to help one another to remember what he or she is supposed to say……….”

Aug 232014
Americans Lustful Media Fascination With the Propaganda Whore

“……….”I saw it on FOX! I saw it on CBS. I saw it on NBC, ABC, PBS and CNN! I saw men walking on the moon! Therefore it must have taken place — because I saw it and heard it on TV!”………”

Aug 222014
 Ferguson Missouri Protests: Moralmatters New Web Page Of Informational Links

“Moralmatters has added a new page link to its home page topical subjects. It’s called: Ferguson Missouri Protests. There you can access all the Moralmatters articles with their related informational links, concerning the recent and continuing protests in Ferguson, Missouri: ………”

Aug 212014
James Foley Crisis Acting Parents Lack Natural Anger And Tears After Son's Supposed Beheading

“………..I do not believe that Foley was beheaded. I believe that was a staged event. And, I see no proof to suggest otherwise. You see a guy that gives a very well rehearsed speech. There’s no stuttering. There’s no nervousness. There’s no nothing, it’s well filmed. There’s several camera angles. There’s the whole ‘kit and caboodle.’ Well, wait to you see this. This will knock your socks off you……….

Aug 202014
Ferguson Missouri: A Contrived And Manipulated Event To Further Government Control

Please note: If you are an individual who sugar coats reality and does not believe in the “depravity of man” [human nature] — [1] [2] — please read no further. If you are one of those [many] individuals who deny that Scriptural reality — chances are you may be among the scores of individuals who believe big government propaganda and accept the daily mainstream news media reporting drumbeat………..

Aug 202014
Ferguson Missouri Protesters And Captain Ron Johnson: Planned And Staged Psy-Op

“………These groups are working together with the Black Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, the guy they brought in to calm the community just the other day. Instead of being a peacemaker, Captain Ron Johnson is working hand-in-hand with these agitators and trouble makers.

This is a planned and staged psy-op…….”

Aug 182014
Indication Of Another Government Contrived Violence Event: Paid Provocateur Crisis Actors In Ferguson Missouri

It’s been about a week since the alleged shooting “incident” at Ferguson Missouri. Up until this present time, this Moralmatters author did not suspect anything amiss as to the authenticity of the reported event. Now, he does………..

……….Please note the comments [below] of a Moralmatters reader and the short 3 and a half minute youtube video. Evidence has it that there are “outside influences” at work to “stir the protest pot” in Ferguson, Missouri……….

Aug 172014
Thou Shall Not Steal And Michael Brown Of Ferguson Missouri

“……….Had Michael Brown Not Been An Apparent Thief The Day He Was Shot, He May Still Be Living

No one can sanely dispute the moral sense of The Ten Commandments. Our United States judicial system is based upon the Judeo / Christian ethic. Violating the one commandment against stealing, certainly has its consequences.

Had Michael Brown not been in the store that day when he was reported [revealed by video] to have stolen some product material, he would not have likely been in the vicinity for the police encounter……….”

Aug 152014
No Mainstream Media Circus For Black On Black Crimes: It's Simply Not Politically Correct

“……..I am sick of blacks crying foul at the first opportunity. Like it or not, blacks are their own worst enemies. They and the media are silent as great numbers of blacks commit violent crimes against other blacks on an hour-to-hour basis. But give them the opportunity to blame whitey or the police and they show up on cue………..”

Aug 132014
Second Amendment Gun Rights Advocate Wins Milwaukee Sheriff Primary Election

“Calling 911 and waiting is no longer an option. You can beg for mercy or fight back………………..”

Aug 122014
  The False Characterization Of The Illegal Immigrant Alien Invasion

“……….Those who excoriate American citizens who are opposed to the illegal immigrant alien invasion, often falsely characterize the issue. They speak of the illegal alien immigrants as just, “immigrants,” — overlooking the reality that these south of the border newcomers, walk in at will, invading another’s country………

……….Did you note the word, “invading?” Would you relish your mother-in-law to invade your home? How about millions of (other) mother-in-laws?”

Aug 112014
Obama Bombing ISIS Is Not What It Appears: He Continues To Support Muslim Terrorism

“…….Considering aka Obama’s lifestyle lying history, there is no clear evidence to suggest that his decision to revisit the Iraqi War by bombing some Muslim armament hardware, possesses any firm resolve to eliminate the ISIS surge of genocidal terror in the Middle East. Remember the old adage? A leopard doesn’t change its spots……….”

Aug 092014
Barring Election Fraud Hillary Clinton Will Fail To Become An American President: Why?

Unless Hillary Clinton outlives the current U.S. voting population and chooses to run for the U.S. presidency in the far future [should she continue to live] her chances are next to nil to become U.S. president in the 2016 national election. Why? Because current voters cannot and will not forgive her for her strident lying about the Benghazi deaths of 4 Americans.

Please note the large pic:

Aug 082014
Obama's Cheat Sheets For Illegal Immigrants: He Contrived The Illegal Invasion

“…….The problem is, that once the illegal immigrant now makes this claim, they are given a summons to appear before an immigration judge within 14 days. Then they are free to disappear within the interior of the country. And, gues what? Most illegals never appear at their hearing! We don’t know their real name. We don’t know where they are. There’s no way to track them!……..”

Aug 072014
Obama Speech Suggests Cocaine Use By The Criminal White House ID Fraud

Please note the beginning common sign of pre-speech cocaine drug use, starting at the 21 second mark of the following short 2 minute video.


“POTUS touches his nose 20 times in a 30 minute speech

It’s not just a nasty habit

It’s a sign of cocaine abuse

Google: coke nose”

Aug 062014
The Bible's Description Of Satan And The Quran's Allah

Please note the 2 interesting short videos.

Perhaps, the videos will help you understand why the Divine Revelation of the Scriptures [the Bible] relates about love and compassion, whereas Islam’s Quran is silent on those divine and human qualities:

Aug 052014
Bay City Michigan: Bused-In Crowd From Detroit Demonstrate Hate Mongering At Illegal Alien Protest

“Tonight’s protest was unlike any I have seen in this area. A large contingency of leftists came from Detroit 90% were minority. And at least a quarter of them were stoned out of their gourds…….

…….The liberals and communist that were bused in from Detroit were being paid by the pseudo-communist organization BAMN which is known for it’s violent and destructive left-wing activism……..”

Aug 042014
Bay City Michigan Public Officials Hell-Bent To Support Obama's Illegal Alien Human Trafficking

Found on the Bay City, Michigan website — “Vision Statement:” “Government imagination leading our community into the future.”

It’s a travesty for the city’s present and long-term future that its irresponsible politicians don’t think with their heads. Rather, they use their “immaginations.” Hence, Bay City is an illegal firework’s haven for those who desire to invade the personal peace, quiet and well-being of its declining population.

Added to the lawless posture of city officials, are the same city officials placing their stamp of approval on aka Obama’s illegal alien human trafficking invasion…..Continued………

Aug 032014
  The Difference Between Legal Immigration And Illegal Immigration

The Divine Revelation of Scripture declares that “Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls.” [Proverbs 25:28 – NKJV]

In similar fashion, a country without enforceable boundaries, ceases to be a distinct and viable nation.

Aug 022014
What Does Obama See? Is His Recent Stuttering And Stammering Indicative Of His Future Doom?

Aka Obama spoke in Kansas City. His speaking was a mess. He repeatedly stuttered and stammered – so much so that honest and intelligent people would have to question what is possessing him. Note the 55-60 second mark of the 1 minute video. Stop the video at 58 seconds and witness the demonic appearance of one of the devil’s favorite disciples.

Aug 012014
Dinesh D' Souza's America: Moralmatters Reader Comments About Political And Spiritual Control

“What the article exposes is all true about Dinesh D’Souza. He has had a very lucrative and high profile career in Elitist academia as a college educator and president. That is the first clue that he is an invested member of the control system. Just the fact that he was able to make films about Obama tells you that he is part of the control system. No one would be able to have as much access as he has had without being a part of the system. D’Souza is an important part of the “controlled opposition.” He was likely chosen and groomed for the role, and it has given him and his family a nice life……………”

Jul 312014
Economic And Social Congestion: Results Of Poor Immigration Management And Illegal Aliens

“The key factor in immigration is the numbers. Almost nothing will have more impact on how you live your life in the United States, or the kind of country that your children and grandchildren live in, that how Congress sets these numbers…….”

Jul 302014
Illegal Aliens Keep Pouring In: Call Congress Now To Stand Up To Obama

It is absolutely vitally important to flood Congressional phone lines with your objections to the aka Obama contrived efforts to flood America with illegal aliens. Please call the Congressional phone number, now. Implore the political leaders who are paid by your taxes to stand up to the White House criminal ID fraud and block his efforts to drown America with illegal aliens!

The main switchboard: 1-202-224-3121

Jul 282014
Children Of  Hamas Have No Choice: Interview With Son Of Hamas Founder

“…….What’s most tragic is that they take and train young boys to be devils like themselves, intent upon terrorist world conquest.”

Jul 272014
 Illegal Alien Invasion: Shameless Catholics And Baptists Consorted With Criminal Obama

It is disingenuous, hypocritical and wicked, on the part of [tax exempt] religious groups, to collude with big government’s criminal [illegal — behind the scenes] actions of orchestrated illegal alien human trafficking. The criminal ID fraud, aka Obama federal government, bypasses existing immigration laws and then subversively encourages — and (illegal) enables minors and adults to steal their way across the United States border, putting at physical risk [harm’s way] these same children and adults, as they are subject to journey hardships, nefarious “coyotes” and drug cartel criminal, dangers.

Jul 252014
The Illegal Alien Issue: Moralmatters Adds A New Resource Page

Please note the Moralmatters resource page called “Illegal Alien Issue.” There you will find all the Moralmatters articles (and commentaries) authored on this issue:

Jul 242014
Prayer For America: Politicians And Illegal Aliens Included

………Especially do we realize that there are many unworthy politicians who call themselves “leaders,” but who continually obstruct those great blessings of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Happiness.”

Instead, they have turned their elected offices, into brothels of bribery. They have exchanged………

Jul 232014
Interesting Web Reader Comments Over Rumored Obama Desert Home Purchase

Will there be a rock huge enough for criminal ID fraud, aka Obama, to hide under once he is no longer charading as legitimate US president in the White House?

Jul 222014
Why Obama Doesn't Care About His Poor Approval Rating Among Americans

Terrorist minded aka Obama, doesn’t care what Americans think of him now that he is in the White House. He’s only driven to fulfill his devilish agenda. Why would he care when he is a life-style liar and a supporter of abortion genocide and Infanticide?

Jul 212014
Illegal Aliens Are Both A Local And A National Issue: Vassar Michigan

Ed Coet: “……..We are a sovereign country not an international orphanage……”